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Advantages of an LLM or MJ Degree

In today’s competitive job market the difference between who gets hired or promoted can be a matter of degrees. If you are a practicing attorney or working professional, a master’s degree in law from The John Marshall Law School can give you a distinct advantage to get ahead and stay aheadHaving a specialty degree in law makes you much more desirable in the challenging job market.

Enhance your marketability

If you are currently unemployed or underemployed, getting an LLM or MJ not only adds to your skill base, but keeps you from having a gaping hole in your CV. If you have been out of the legal market for a while, an LLM can provide a useful combination of retraining and credential enhancement.

Expand your expertise

An LLM or MJ offers the opportunity to change career focus or expand your practice areas. By choosing the right specialist program, an HR specialist can become an employee benefits specialist or a general attorney can become an intellectual property expert.

Improve your earnings

Switching fields or employers, or becoming an expert in a complicated field is an excellent way to increase your income.

Moving jobs

The quality of your education will be one of the determining factors in your ability to switch employers, as well as the alumni network of both your JD and post-graduate law schools.

Deepen your knowledge

An LLM or MJ can help you gain a deeper understanding in a legal field too complex to be mastered in a JD program. For instance, in many countries, information technology and privacy law has become so complicated that even those who trained as IT professionals find the extra training extremely helpful.

Earn a promotion
Getting an LLM or MJ from a nationally recognized law school, such as UIC John Marshall Law School, can help you build your credentials, gain a distinct advantage at your current company, and move up the corporate ladder.

For more details about UIC John Marshall’s dynamic online graduate law degrees, contact the Office of Admissions at graduateadmission@jmls.edu.

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